Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk

মোঃ ফারুকুজ্জামান ফারুক

Assistant Professor

  •   Deputy Director of Students' Welfare
  •  Room No:  Dept. Of CSE, RUET
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Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Biomedical Imaging, Signal Processing
Field of Research
  •  Deep Learning
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Biomedical Imaging
  •  Biomedical Signal Processing
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  •  First Joined: 05th Nov, 2019
  •      Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering



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1 Abu Sayeed, Nasif Osman Khansur, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Salem A. Alyami, AKM Azad, Mohammad Ali Moni An effective screening of COVID-19 pneumonia by employingchest X-ray segmentation and attention-based ensembledclassification IET Image Processing: Wiley (Q2) 2024 Journal
2 Anirban Barai , Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk , Shakil Mahmud Shuvo , Azmain Yakin Srizon, SM Mahedy Hasan, Abu Sayeed A Late Fusion Deep CNN Model for the Classification of Brain Tumors from Multi-Parametric MRI Images IEEE(NCIM-2023) 2023 Conference
3 Tahsen Islam Sajon, Barsha Roy, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Shakil Mahmud Shuvo, Md. Al Mamun, Abu Sayeed, S. M. Mahedy Hasan Attention Mechanism-enhanced Deep CNN Architecture for Precise Multi-Class Leukemia Classification Springer 2023 Book Chapter
4 Shakil Mahmud Shuvo, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Tahsen Islam Sajon, S. M. Mahedy Hasan, Anirban Barai, A. F. M. Minhazur Rahman, Md. Al Mamun Multi-Class Brain Tumor Classification with DenseNet Based Deep Learning Features and Ensemble of Machine Learning Approaches Springer 2023 Book Chapter
5 Sheikh Fazle Rabbi, Md Al Mamun, Md Farukuzzaman Faruk, SM Mahedy Hasan, Azmain Yakin Srizon A Multi-branch and Attention Based CNN Architecture for the Classification of Retinal Diseases from OCT Images IEEE 2023 Conference
6 Md Nazmul Islam, Md Al Mamun, Md Farukuzzaman Faruk, Azmain Yakin Srizon, SM Mahedy Hasan, Barsha Roy Spatial Attention-guided Deep Learning for Accurate Kidney Disease Classification in CT Scans IEEE 2023 Conference
7 Farjana Islam, Md Farukuzzaman Faruk, SM Mahedy Hasan, Farzana Akter, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Md Rakib Hossain, Md Al Mamun, Md Nazmul Islam, Md Faruk Hossain An Investigation of Hyperparameters Optimization and Feature Reduction Techniques: Predicting Airline Passenger Satisfaction Using Machine Learning Models IEEE 2023 Conference
8 Md Sabbir Hossain, Md Farukuzzaman Faruk, Azmain Yakin Srizon, SM Mahedy Hasan, Md Shariful Chowdhury, Md Rakib Hossain, Md Nazmul Islam, Md Faruk Hossain A Customized 3D CNN Integrated with Convolutional Block Attention Module for Precise Diagnosis of COVID-19 and Pneumonia from CT Scan Images IEEE 2023 Conference
9 Tahsen Islam Sajon, Maria Chowdhury, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, S. M. Mahedy Hasan, Abu Sayeed, A. F. M. Minhazur Rahman Recognition of Leukemia Sub-types Using Transfer Learning and Extraction of Distinguishable Features Using an Effective Machine Learning Approach IEEE(ECCE 2023) 2023 Conference
10 Nahrin Jannat, S. M. Mahedy Hasan, Anwar Hossain Efat, Md Fakrul Taraque, Mostarina Mitu, Md. Al Mamun, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk Stacking Ensemble Technique for Multiple Medical Datasets Classification: A Generalized Prediction Model IEEE(ECCE 2023) 2023 Conference
11 Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Md. Rabiul Islam and Emrana Kabir Hashi Screening Pathological Abnormalities in Gastrointestinal Images Using Deep Ensemble Transfer Learning IEEE 2022 Conference
12 Protiva Ahammed, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Nasif Raihan and Mrinmoy Mondal Inception V3 Based Transfer Learning Model for the Prognosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Microscopic Images IEEE 2022 Conference
13 A. Y. Srizon, S. M. M. Hasan, M. F. Faruk, A. Sayeed and M. A. Hossain Human Activity Recognition Utilizing Ensemble of Transfer-Learned Attention Networks and a Low-Cost Convolutional Neural Architecture IEEE 2022 Conference
14 M. S. I. Shopnil, S. M. M. Hasan, A. Y. Srizon and M. F. Faruk Post-Pandemic Sentiment Analysis Based on Twitter Data Using Deep Learning IEEE 2022 Conference
15 Farukuzzaman Faruk VGGCovidNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Predict COVID-19 Cases from X-Ray Images IEEE 2021 Conference
16 Farukuzzaman Faruk RGU-Net: Residual Guided U-Net Architecture for Automated Segmentation of COVID-19 Anomalies Using CT Images IEEE 2021 Conference
17 Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk ResidualCovid-Net: An Interpretable Deep Network to Screen COVID-19 Utilizing Chest CT Images IEEE 2021 Conference
18 Mrinmoy Mondal; Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk; Nasif Raihan; Protiva Ahammed Deep Transfer Learning Based Multi-Class Brain Tumors Classification Using MRI Images IEEE 2021 Conference
19 Md. Ahsan Habib Raj , Md. Al Mamun & Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk CNN Based Diabetic Retinopathy Status Prediction Using Fundus Images IEEE 2020 Conference
20 Abu Sayeed, Abdul Alim, Ali Hossain & Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk Target Class Oriented Subspace Detection for Hyperspectral Image Classification by Using Mutual Information and Cross Cumulative Residual Entropy IEEE 2020 Conference
21 Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk and Abu Sayeed K-mer Based DNA Methylation Status Prediction Using Support Vector Machine IEEE 2019 Conference
  •  Best Paper Award in ICECTE-2019
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